New range of sensors and miniature actuators.

Fagor Electronics has completed a series of technological developments in the area of home automation to renew the catalogue of sensors and actuators that are integrated in the Fagor Home Automation Network. This new development, with collaboration from IKERLAN-IK4, has led to a series of truly significant changes, the most important of which are the new management model and the drastic reduction in size (they now fit inside the space of a standard electrical outlet). The new management model includes the feature of concentrating activation control in a single button, which makes it possible, for example, to turn off all the lights when leaving home from a single home automation actuator. These sensors and actuators are currently available on the market:

Solution provided

Based on client specifications, the following tasks were performed:

  • Adaptation of software for gas detection.
  • Display and optimization tools.


  • Drastic reduction in size.
  • CO2 and CH4 measurement.