Communication buses and hardware for domotic communications.


Electronic sytems insulated from the network will be unusual in near future. In Zermik we help our customers to allow communication of their products with other machines.”

Other success stories

FAGOR ELECTRODOMESTICOS manufactures a wide variety of household appliances which, in combination with the developments in home automation that have occurred in recent years, have led to the need for a technical solution in order to join both worlds. In collaboration with IKERLAN-IK4, a communication bus was developed that permits internal communications between different electronic modules in a household appliance and providing home automation with communications capacity.

Solution provided

Based on client specifications, the following tasks were performed:

  • Design of additional hardware for home automation connectivity.
  • Display and optimization tools.
  • Multi-point bus control software.

The system has the following characteristics:

  • FAGOR (BMF) multi-point bus with master-slave topology.
  • Communications gateway for home automation (KDU)


  • Provides communications capacity without making changes in FAGOR appliances.
  • Modular communications.
  • The creation of a multi-point proprietary bus for different solutions.
  • SAT tool