Test bench to measure coil forces.


When the development of a product for mass-production all its parts must be tested to ensure reliability. Labview alows to generate different tests of the products in short time.”

Other success stories

One of Copreci’s products uses a small coil to exert a force. It is necessary to analyze the coil performance with different supply currents and movement, accurate to less than one gram during the force measurement.

Solution provided

A complete turnkey system was developed based on client specifications:

  • Aluminum mechanical housing.
  • Movement and force sensors.
  • Variable current source with remote control via RS232.
  • Force sensor capable of detecting small forces.
  • Source and force sensor interface with the PC via RS232 and USB.


  • Compact, portable system that can be used from a laptop equipped with a USB port. Battery power supply.
  • Easily configurable system that will permit testing new models from the same line that are developed in the future.
  • User-friendly interface, thanks to Labview programming.