Industrial software. Lab View®

We reduce development times thanks to the graphic potential of LabVIEW software."

The different services Zermik offers cover different fields of application, including:

  • Quality control system design.
  • Schematic design.
  • Electrical cabinet assembly.
  • Programming.
  • Real-time control systems

Fast prototyping

Design of systems using Labview for verifying the viability of a system before prototype manufacturing.

  • Design of synchronous motor control systems.
  • Algorithms in Labview RT FPGA.
  • 10 nS control loop.
  • Shows the feasibility of the concept before prototype construction.
Control de procesos químicos

Chemical process control

High risk areas with difficult accesibility and big protection.

  • Ignition control for gas boilers.
  • Biomass pyrolysis plant control.
  • Complete design of power and control cabinets.
  • Sensor systems for the entire plant (ATEX division).
  • Assembly and start-up supervision.
  • cFP programming in Labview.
  • Real-time communications with a PC.
Sistemas de test de producción

Production test systems

Product manufacturing and industrial implementation testing.

  • Test system for hydraulic cylinders.
  • Bench control by means of a PXI system.
  • Total of 3 network-connected stations
  • Test systems for automotive valves.
  • Design of the tests to be performed.
  • System integration on the client’s machine.
  • PC platform with DAQ by means of PCI or USB .
  • Test system for cryogenic valves.
  • Bench control by cRIO.
  • Auxiliary PC for monitoring and traceability.
  • Test system for automotive amplifiers.
  • RF amplifier test for the automotive industry.
  • Complete traceability system with MySQL.
Sistemas de test de laboratorio

Laboratory test systems

  • Test system for safety groups.
  • Battery-powered portable system.
  • Safety group test for gas.
  • Test system for piezoelectric generators.
  • Measurement of spark amplitude and duration.
  • Fatigue test with results exported to Excel.
  • Valve torque measurement system.
  • cDAQ programming.
  • Valve leak measurement system.
  • System for environmental chamber testing of valves.
  • Test system for photovoltaic cells.
  • cDAQ + Netbook.
  • Possibility of telephone monitoring.
Otros campos de aplicación

Other fields of application

  • Calibration systems for automotive valves.
  • Calibration of position sensors.
  • Sensor tests.
  • Valve control for coke plants.
  • Remote control and configuration systems via PC.
  • Shelving unit control.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Industrial ovens.